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Gabriel Method

I'm starting the Gabriel Method in order to loose weight and get healthy. Wish me luck!

Current Weight: 188Lbs

Goal Weight: 125Lbs

Loveless 100 - Currenty Only 65

This is for LiveJournal and Menewsha! A Loveless 100 Theme prompt (though currently there are only 65 prompts OTL). Feel free to write a drabble (or more!) and comment with it either here or on the sister thread on Mene!

  1. Loveless
  2. Restless
  3. Breathless
  4. Sleepless
  5. Endless
  6. Voiceless
  7. Bloodless
  8. Fearless
  9. Hearltess
  10. Cheerless
  11. Beloved
  12. Beheld
  13. Behind
  14. Bemoaned
  15. Besieged
  16. Berserk
  17. Beaded
  18. Beacond
  19. Beaked
  20. Beaten
  21. Affection
  22. Amity
  23. Rapture
  24. Passion
  25. Infatuation
  26. Like
  27. Idolatry
  28. Devotion
  29. Piety
  30. Fidelity
  31. Action
  32. Feud
  33. Melee
  34. Rivalry
  35. Argument
  36. Battle
  37. Clash
  38. Contention
  39. Bout
  40. War
  41. Ritsuka
  42. Soubi
  43. Seimei
  44. Neisei
  45. Yuiko
  46. Hitomi
  47. Youji
  48. Natsuo
  49. Yayoi
  50. Yamato
  51. Kouya
  52. Ritsu
  53. Nagisa
  54. Kio
  55. Misaki
  56. Kiss
  57. Mother
  58. Father
  59. Teacher
  60. School
  61. Butterfly
  62. Chalk
  63. Strawberry
  64. Walk
  65. Home
  66. Memories
  67. Lonely
  68. Hate
  69. Restrict/Restriction/Restricted
  70. Bind
  71. Ears
  72. Bond
  73. Zero
  74. Words
  75. Servant
  76. Master
  77. Will
  78. Sacrifice
  79. Fighter
  80. Idiot
  81. Murder
  82. Library
  83. Friends
  84. Adult
  85. Child
  86. Maturity
  87. Chains
  88. Brother
  89. Height
  90. Picture/s
  91. Died
  92. Survuved
  93. Tail
  94. Tears
  95. Hug
  96. Hold
  97. Moth
  98. Candy
  99. Hands
  100. End


So I have read a few books this year and thought I would share my thoughts on them. Some of them I have really enjoyed while others were nothing but tripe (I'm talking to you Stephanie Mayer. How dare you!) I will list the basic info about them, and where to get them if they sound like something anyone else might like to read. Alphabetical by author. This may take a few up-dates to complete.


Title: The Hakawati
Author: Alameddine, Rabih
Status: Reading

Title: Darcy's Story
Author: Aylmer, Janet
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Absolutely brilliant. Pridce and Prejudice has been my secret indulgence since high school, and this just retelling was just as wonderful as the original.

Title: Peter Pan
Author: Barrie, JM
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5
Comments: A classic. I can't believe it took me this long to actually read this!

Title: Shades of Time and Memory
Author: Constantine, Storm
Status: Read
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Not bad, I wish knew what order Constantine's Wrathuthu books went in, I think this is the second. I want to read them all eventually.

Title: The Still
Author: Feintuch, David
Status: Read
Rating: 3/5
Comment: The better part of five, but not as generous as I would have liked to have given. So much of the book is spent on establishing that yes Rodrigo is indeed a douche bag, that his eventual turn towards better behaviors (and hygienic) is less believable then I would have liked.

Title: The King
Author: Feintuch, David
Status: Read
Rating: 3/5
Comments: Not sure which I liked better of the two. Rodrigo reverts back to his douche baggery, and Feintuch had to kill off, maim, or disable my favorite characters. The ending felt rushed, and it made me less satisfied with the two books over all. Still Feintuch does have a way of sucking you into the plot.

Title: Traitor's Moon
Author: Flewelling, Lynn
Status: Reading
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Oh gosh, I'm giving Flewelling an imperfect rating! I loved Luck in the Shadows and Stalking Darkness, but Traitor's Moon was much less exciting then the first two. It was great to see a certain two characters' relationship go to the next level, but all the politics and debating made me put it down for nearly six months while I read other things. I'm only finishing it now because I found a copy of Shadow's return. It still gets a 4/5 thought because the parts that aren't boring are exquisite, and I love Flewelling's talent for making a homosexual pairings so natural and beautiful.

Title: Shadow's Return
Author: Flewelling, Lynn
Status: Reading

Title: Capt. Hook
Author: Hart, J.V
Status: Reading

Title: Strawberry Panic Vol2 (The Light Novel)
Author: Kimino, Sakurako
Status: Reading

Title: The Lies of Locke Lamora
Author: Lynch, Scott
Status: Reading

Title: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse.
Author: Stephanie Mayer
Status: Read
Rating: 0/5
Comments: Pure unadulterated tripe. I only read this and the other two because there was a big deal in my workplace about the fourth book's release. I work in a book store, and with so many people asking me about them I thought I ought to know first hand. I almost wish I had not bothered. I put down a Salvatore for this! Not worth it.

Isabella Swan is your typical sue in her typical sue universe with her typical stu vampire boyfriend. Isabella is a boring character. She had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She isn't particularly smarter then her other classmates, she has an average appearance (she slops around in sweat pants 99% of the time!), and no talents or hobbies. Yet, somehow every boy in the backwater town she lives in manages to fall in love with her. Including the resident Vampire bachelor Edward.

And that is basically it.

There is a little bit of action near the end, but the whole thing was basically Isabella wanking about her life. She hates the town she moved to, but chose to live there. Why? Her mom wanted her to live in some big city somewhere with her famous baseball player second husband, but no that isn't good enough for Bella! I think that is what bugged me the most. The whole fact that she moved in with her father even though she felt so strongly against it. I assumed that would be a part of the plot (along with her fear of blood), but as soon as the hormones started flying it was dropped. Mayer never did fully explain it. The whole thing is just sloppy from start to finish.

The other two books read the same. Only throw in a werewolf that has the potential to be a good character, but never quite gets there, and Bella jumping off a cliff just to get our hopes up. It was almost like reading the same book three times. A whole lot of wanking and a teeny bit of action stuck in as an afterthought. I don't know if I will read Breaking Dawn. One word: Renessmee.

If you haven't read the Twilight series, for the love of god, please DON'T.

Title: Peter Pan in Scarlet
Author: McCaughrean, Geraldine
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5
Comments: McCaughrean doesn't Barrie justice. I was a little worried when I heard they had selected someone to write a sequel for Peter Pan, but this book did not let me down. A good book for a good cause.

Title: Good Omens
Author: Pratchett, Terry (and Gaiman, Neal)
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5 (or Infinity out of five!)
Comments: Despite the unapologetic abuse of footnotes this book is literary gold in it's purest form. Everyone read it right now. Pratchett and Gaiman are geniuses bey themselves, together it is just incredible. I enjoyed this book the most out of all the titles I've read this year. 

Title: Streams of Silver
Author: Salvatore, RA
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5

Title: The Halfling's Gem
Author: Salvatore, RA
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5

Title: Legacy
Author: Salvatore, RA
Status: Read
Rating: 5/5

Title: Starless Night
Author: Salvatore, RA
Status: Reading
Rating: 4/5

Title: The Trouble with Tink
Author: Thorpe, Kiki
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Oh Hush, I know this is a kid's book. I read it on my lunch break on day. It was cute, I love Tinkerbell.

Title: Tink North of Neverland
Author: Thorpe, Kiki
Status: Read
Rating: 4/5
Comments: I read this on my break the day after I read Trouble With Tink. The Disney Fairies are sweet.



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